Rishikesh, Uttarkhand Ch.1 Oct.4

The cab ride to Rishikesh from New Delhi was a unexpectedly happy accident. As the northern travelling season comes to a close I’m feeling as though this is exactly where I needed to be to start my journey.

Very beleaguered we were dropped off at 8:00am… so we started walking. After some searching we spotted a sign for a restaurant called Musical Mushrooms. Figuring this had to be our niche we followed the path. It wound it’s way up to a large building that housed a yoga studio, Musical Mushrooms Cafe and a beautiful budget hotel, Hotel Divya.

After getting ourselves a room for the night we set off feeling revitalised. Wandering up the main cobblestone street we stopped at a green metal stairwell. It led up to a vibrant balcony cafe overlooking the Ganges river. One look at the colourful blankets and seat cushions was all we needed before we knew where we’d set up for our first day in Rishikesh.



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