Rishikesh, Uttarakhand Ch.5 Oct.8

We arrived at the beach around 3:15 in the afternoon. We walked down the sandy bank of the Ganges amongst big boulders and rocks. The sand was very fine, speckled with flecks of mica making it gleam in the sun. We sat down in the shade of a cave. The crevice was hollowed out of a boulder by the river when it swells every spring from rains and melts.

We hung out a while making plans for potential treks in the north. Hopefully heading to a national park in Uttarakhand called Valley of Flowers.

Every day we say dozens of full rafts paddle down the river. I think if I paddled the Ganges I’d like to see about renting a kayak.

On the walk back from the beach we stopped to take a look at tree whose trunk had been completely hollowed at the base. Despite it’s seeming lack of structural integrity it still manages to flourish over 40ft from the ground. It’s whats below the surface that counts; roots.

We got back to Rishikesh at around 6:30. After an evening filled with fireworks and celebration including a giant burning statue of Ravana, we ended our day at Treehouse listening to some live drumming.

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