Rishikesh, Uttarakhand Ch.6 Oct.9

I spent the morning running around with Quentin looking for an ATM that would work; we tried four different banks with no success. Finally Justin who had been looking for one up the hill from us, gave word of a prospect. The result was many a rupee and one elated Q.

Between the street dogs, the roaming cattle and the monkeys, Rishikesh is full of prowling animals to study. After the ATM mission, we grabbed some breakfast at Ganga Beach Cafe which has in fact turned into our favourite spot for food. We spent the afternoon staying in the shade and exploring some back lanes that we’d not walked before.

We’re now back at you guessed it; Ganga Beach grabbing dinner. The sun was setting as we sat upstairs in their cushioned smoking loft. Later, we’re heading over to the Tree house for another night of live music.


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  1. Deirdre Sims says:

    Graeme, Loving your journal! I feel the same sense of dismay as you do about the garbage situation (in so many of the countries that I visited) – We definitely benefit from the happy confluence of vast spaces, sparse population and high taxes!
    Are the monkeys there as ubiquitous as squirrels here? Are they as cheeky as racoons at a campsite?!

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    1. Very sparse population! That’s definitely been more obvious since I’ve being here. Exactly like raccoons! I actually made a comment about their relative similarities after watching a particularly feisty monkey steal a little boys bag of popcorn on the bridge.


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