Rishikesh, Uttarakhand Ch.7 Oct.11

Last night was a bit of a late one so waking up this morning was little harder and a lot slower. Justin was already up and out the door when Q and I finally emerged from sleep. We headed to grab breakfast closer to lunchtime than we would have liked. Decided we’d sit out on the patio in the sun and I noticed a plant growing in their gardens that made me chuckle.

With the sun at it’s peak we headed for the beach around 1:00. We were excited that there was a Frisbee to toss around that a couple English fellows had brought. We got sweaty running and throwing in the sun before heading for a cool down.

These past two days we’ve been testing the waters (literally). Lots of people will say its not safe to swim in the Ganges, and farther down river they’re probably right, so with my lack of will to stay out of the cold river on these hot days I’m hoping for the best.

Q wasn’t feeling great so he tried to go down for a nap after we returned from the beach.

Some of the best places we’ve found for food have been tucked away. The place Justin showed me for lunch was just one of those spots.

You turn right at the end of the red brick wall and walk onto a beautiful stone patio. Just about every place we’ve been has a view that competes with the others.


After we’d feasted on some red lentil dahl, veg masala, rice, roti, papadum, and salad we headed for a secluded pier for some river wind.

I think after dinner I’ll head over with some Israeli’s I met at the beach for some more live music. It has turned into a bit of a nightly habit.

Super stoked to be heading north in two days for an 8 day trekking adventure through the Himalaya’s. We’ll be visiting the Valley of Flowers national park, an eco village, hotsprings, and a number of high altitude Hindu temples. Stay tuned.

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