Subhai Village to Bhavishya Badri Temple, Ch.11, Oct.16

We had a slow morning lounging outside overlooking the seemingly endless valleys. Noon came and went. Around 2:30 we collected ourselves and started the trek up, through the village along the well worn paths, to Bhavishya Badri Temple.

Some of the oldest buildings in the village haven’t been lived for a time; becoming the home for others. Nothing goes to waste in this commune, even the old forgotten places are home to quiet beauties.

Along the way there were more than few instances in which we all stopped and gaped at a particularly interesting scene.

We arrived at the temple around 4:00 and as the last of the sunlight was fading we built a small fire. As dusk was ending and night was descending, I went for a brief stroll to explore the surrounding hills. We sat around the fire, feeling content and subdued, until we ran out fuel. We banked the remaining embers and began the walk back down the path in the dark. Of course we over estimated our ability to navigate the trail networks without proper lighting so ended up taking a small detour, just making it back to the homestead for dinner.

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  1. Phoebe Miles says:

    Those look like marigolds!! Beautiful photographs.

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