Music, Chaurasi Kutia, Good Times Ch.13

The week following our return to Rishikesh flew by. It felt amazing having nowhere to go but the comforts of familiarity. I spent most of my time waking up late, eating, hitting beaches, lounging in cafes and hanging out at hostels. On Oct.27th there was a little party going on at Indian Culture Hostel. The kitchen was cooking up some great food and I grabbed a veggie burger and a thali. Everything was delicious. There was a short period for group meditation before our Maldivian friend Farey mixed up some great beats and the dance floor turned into to a forest of twisting limbs and boogieing hips.

This last week has passed much the same way, trying all the cafe’s, exploring Rishikesh and listening to jams. Some of our favourite spots to eat are the momo and falafel stand outside our hostel, the thali stand by Laxman Jhula. In the evenings we visit Cafe Moksh and Treehouse Cafe for live music.

On Oct. 31st a group of us met up for breakfast before heading off for Chaurasi Kutia; an abandoned ashram close by. In Febuary 1968 The Beatles arrived in Rishikesh and took a course at Chaurasi Kutia for Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh yogi.

My favourite spots were the tops of the monumental structures which had presumably been guest quarters, and the sprawling meditation domes.

The day passed in a blur. By early afternoon it felt as if a week had passed since we’d arrived at the ashram.

On the way back from the ashram a few of us stopped for chai by a beach before regrouping with the others at Indian Culture Hostel. We headed to Treehouse Cafe to cap of the day with a some tunes.

These past few days I’ve been making plans to head north to join a rainbow gathering for a few weeks. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

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