Mountains, Cities & Beaches Ch. 14

Rishikesh to Dehradun, Dehradun to Bait and from there a short trek up to a clearing filled with rocks, tents and hippies. I spent about a week amongst the ranks of the rainbow folks collecting firewood, cooking food, collecting water and otherwise trying to sort this ill organised group of jubilant, dreaded, tattooed hooligans.

After I’d gotten sufficiently sore from pulling more than my own weight, I hopped on a bus with a pal heading for Dehradun. From there Antonia was hitching over to Dharamshala an I was continuing to Rishikesh.

Spent most the following lull in time to reorient myself with faster paced surroundings and interactions. The night before we were to leave for Delhi on a bus Q mentioned the plan to someone sitting beside and he offered us aride there at 2:00am that night. We arrived at the Delhi airport bleary eyed but enthused. We hopped on a plane for Goa that evening. We arrived in Arambol at around 2:00am following some shenanigans and a couple taxi rides.

Rented a flat in the thick of it by the beach with Quentin for a month a couple days ago. Yesterday i bought a mini chess board and a classical guitar.

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